Female Beauty

My TimeArts class works a lot with using digital media to express a message. Here is my most recent short video project talking about female beauty: 




Ever since I was a little kid I've loved paper. And when I say loved paper, I truly mean that..OCD tendencies to smell every book, magazine, and freshly printed paper is a thing - and yes I did discretely smell every single one of my SAT's cause I just couldn't help myself. Even the touch of paper is something I love too - but weird paper obsession aside, I've been meaning to share some of my favorite projects I've recently done regarding 2D paper art. I've been taking an absolutely amazing color theory/ 2D course & here are just a few things I've done over the semester - card making/stamping craft day over winter break included. 

 photo ee5bafd2-aeda-4b59-a0f4-41d01ebc0c24_zpsd284a438.jpg

 photo 13914164-46d9-4ce0-b126-e7edc7025e42_zpse8138046.jpg

 photo b82e35d5-367b-4fbc-8266-a4543fa39b78_zpsb1f1bf80.jpg

 photo cc0cb502-2c2e-40a1-93dc-76e6e3bd9332_zps5289931a.jpg

 photo 087a43bb-b641-4064-97ff-fdebbafd8927_zpsdec8e3af.jpg

 photo 06bded60-b3b4-4667-b2e9-e24ae6b8e026_zps3e2cbc4f.jpg

 photo 61c6c770-f278-4ecc-b9ab-34915b4dc57d_zpsfc371180.jpg

Apologies for the semi-unfocused pictures. Recently there's been a glitch with the hosting website I use. That'll be changed soon. Happy early Monday morning.

Love, Tatiana


DIY Denim Jacket

❈ Amp up your denim jacket this spring with a fun & simple Do-It-Yourself project! All you need are some acrylic paints, brushes, and a jean jacket - it's that easy ❈


 photo c7367822-1fc8-4645-a9fe-bb92aec7d27d_zpsf2a1b242.jpg

Outline design in sharpie and make sure to prime with white paint so the colors come out in their brightest form!

 photo ffc752e0-dab2-41a9-9946-e7e55457bf0c_zps7f147a09.jpg

 photo d6a3b7fe-3ace-44f1-a242-fe59f8f35ce0_zpsef5ab62b.jpg 

Happy almost spring everyone! I'll for sure being doing this DIY again considering I've got so many more design ideas running through my head. Stay tuned!



Spring Wish List

Confession: one of my most favorite past times is to online shop, fill up my cart with wonderfully glorious clothes, and gaze at what will never be my perfect wardrobe. But hey, I think it's fun, and the thought of maybe coming across one of those items on sale or a similar product at a thrift store is super exciting. 

With that said, here are some of my favorite items virtually floating around in various carts on the inter web:

Spring Wish List

Spring Wish List by t1020jf featuring

With love, Tatiana 


Thank the HCC's!

 photo bbcd0c95-3348-415c-b6e9-adc608865b5e_zpsc98ae1e0.jpg

 photo be2def1c-8df5-4805-b088-6d62a527ef4e_zps35b7a99b.jpg

 photo e799f4fc-06dc-4c72-9717-c9b86544940a_zpsa7bf7286.jpg

 photo b7de7f08-95e2-4e23-b6cf-35f840b92084_zps6710edcb.jpg

 photo 6b357f69-9ccb-4470-858b-470942f7faf2_zps5c193bdd.jpg

{thrifted dress & rabbit fur cheetah jacket, Nasty Gal shoes}

Sitting in Ardmore Station café the morning after NYE I had a moment.

We all have that one person who lives back home that we obsess over. This person may be different from your best friends favorite person to follow via social media, but one thing’s certain, no matter who it is, when you see your so called hometown celeb crush in the flesh you freak. the. fuck. out. Needless to say, T God I had my sunnies on when I spotted my HCC sitting two tables away from me cause this hungover chica was a sight to gladly be missed.

I honestly just stopped mid conversation as I just took a moment to gawk over my favorite young ladies flawless clothing ensemble and briefly envision myself landing her perfect job and miraculously attaining her lifestyle.

It was at this point I raised my cup of coffee as a toast towards my HCC and took a swig to throw back two advil and a multi vitamin.

Here’s to those who inspire you and don’t even know it.
Happy New Year.

Cheers, T 


Men's Holiday Gift Guide

If you were to look up "man" in the dictionary there should be a little asterix warning that says "*disclaimer: even though wildly sexy, very difficult to shop for". Here's a gift guide I made in honor of the annual gift buying struggle for boys:

 photo 12d33bc6-e288-4a38-a0c3-e5f378702945_zps021506ae.jpg

1. Happy Socks : $45 

4. Vans Sand Shoes : $70

5. Leather Ipad Mini Case (monogram option!) : $62 (sale!)

7. JCrew Colored Shoe Laces : $4 each 

Happy shopping!

Love, Tatiana 


Buttercup Baby

Everyday feels like spring when you're not in the arctic tundra! 

{Kylie and Kendall skirt, Zara shoes, H&M tee, vintage necklace and denim jacket}

Love, Tatiana 



Menswear inspired fashion can definitely be marked down as one of 2013’s hit fads in the world of women’s style. With box cuts, pinstripes, and tailored trousers women not only own their latest looks but also their newest status change.

The correlation between dress and job positions isn’t as far fetched as one may believe. The way one dresses says everything about how seriously they want to be taken, and as menswear takes flight in the fashion industry of women, I can’t help but wonder whether or not this marks a major switch in gears towards gender discrimination. 

Tailored shirts, patterned business socks, and oxfords have suddenly become an essential to every woman’s wardrobe. No longer is the power of sexuality used to express feminine dominance, rather quite the opposite. As the elimination of low cleavage and waistline cuts reflect that a woman can be taken just as seriously as a man, now-a–days females are seen acting the part just as much as they are dressing the part.

It’s no lie that in the most recent decade women have been gaining higher positions in the workplace. According to USA Today, women have outplaced men in health care and government sectors, ultimately making up 79% of the workforce. Women are even seen more frequently taking on positions as CEO’s and head honchos for major global enterprises; valued for both their communal and agenic personality traits, thus putting them at even more of an advantage to men.

As women’s fashion is evolving to new levels I truly think there is hope for much of the inequality seen in professional industries. Boyish styles aren’t merely a trend, rather they appear to be the label of a major social transformation. There’s an evident upward trend taking place, and the power of dress can contest for it.

That being said, here are some of my favorite menswear inspired looks. Doesn’t it make you want to buy a pantsuit and run shit?    



Love, Tatiana 


DIY Ear Warmers!

Keep your ears warm this winter with this simple do-it-yourself project: 

1. Flip socks inside out and stitch heel closed (to eliminate the bump)
2. Criss-Cross socks 
3. Fold sock over first one
4. Align both folded socks 
5. Sew tip of sock to top of sock (both sides)
6. Sew both tops of socks together to close the headband 
7. Picture of closed headband at back 
8. Finished product 

Love, Tatiana 


“Oh I miss the comfort of this house” – Of Monsters and Men

{outfit: free people skirt, american apparel crop, swatch watch, gap mens socks, leather bag, red sunnies}

{amazing feta, balsamic, watermelon salad}

{Just some fun shots with the camera}

Pulling off the highway towards Conshohocken was when it suddenly hit me. After seven weeks of being at school and hardly feeling homesick, besides my moms incredible home cooking and my friends suddenly scattering across the country, driving past the intersection of the ‘Conshy’ Wawa and the Sunoco where I first pumped gas brought an intense flood of emotions from my past. This road, which leads me to my house, the homes of my best friends, the late nights at El Limon, memories of past relationships, sheer bliss, heartbreak…it all holds my entire high school history.

Unlike most, I realized I was strangely homesick at home. Visiting my best friend, now a senior in high school, reminded me of what an incredible time I had during my four years and it honestly made me nervous. This whole time I’ve been saying to myself that college takes some adjusting time and being the optimist I am it’s been great so far, but coming home seemed to almost ruin all the progress that I’d made. Will I make the same incredible friendships I made in high school at college too? Will I make the same impressions that I made back home? Will I be viewed in the same light as I was by my peers? There’s nothing that I want to change in that sense.

So naturally, in my moment of a minor freak out, I texted my best guy friend, my other half, about my sudden anxiety. As I was frantically texting him paragraphs in a cab ride to New York’s meat packing district awaiting an awesome night to follow with my new college friends (I was home for a day and then spent the rest of the weekend in NYC), my friend told me the most valuable information I’ve heard yet. It was incredibly simple, but as he always manages to do, it eased my nerves immensely. He said, “Tat, I know exactly what you’re feeling but it’s unnecessary. Focus on making new memories instead of dwelling on old ones.” Well I thought to myself GOD DAMN. He’s always right!

And even though he managed to calm me down, yet again anxiety’s evil face crept in and woke me up in our hotel room this morning. Being around people I’ve only known for a few weeks unexpectedly brought me discomfort. The idea that these people don’t know me as well as my other friends scared me. And yes, it’s silly because there is nothing but love around us when we are together.

Now as I’m sitting on the train headed back from NYC to Syracuse (something I was extremely nervous about doing this morning) I’m realizing that discomfort isn’t always such a bad thing. It shows you the things you truly value and it provides you with opportunities to expand yourself. This is only the beginning of my four years at school and before I know it I will find my place here – just like I did in high school. Everyone always does. Things always work themselves out like that.

Love, Tati


A Realization Regarding NYFW

It seems as if all the rage these days is to dress as if one was going to be spotted by a street style photographer. Some of the most outrageous, and attention grabbing looks are seeping into fashion’s hemisphere: studded shoes, leather jackets, neon apparel, asymmetrical cuts, animal prints – it is all being thrown together in a cluster fuck of prints and outlandish pieces! 

What ever happened to simplicity?!

With that said, here are some of my helpful hints. Try this! Not that!

Love, Tatiana